Catapult King MOD APK (Unlimited Gems) v2.0.54.88

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NameCatapult King
PublisherWicked Witch
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Catapult King MOD APK is a copy of Angry Bird from the publisher Wicked Witch. But, to be honest, playing this game is even more enjoyable. Catapult King wars is a fun and unique game, but it is a bit costly. If you get the MOD version of our website, you will not have to pay any money. Catapult King APK will give you unlimited resources, which will definitely help you play this game more easily. You can download Catapult King from the Google play store.

Catapult King Mod

Some splendid Features:

Some beautiful views & eye-catching graphics:

The 3D graphics are too neatly detailed and attractive as seen from afar. Everything is so close to the player, closer to him/her, and more dynamic than Angry Birds. It should be noted that Catapult King has excellent 3D graphics. Because everything is closer together, they appear more detailed and eye-catching. Angry Bird, on the other hand, prefers a side view in which you can see both the attack and the being-attacked sides in a single shot. When you begin shooting stones/rocks, Catapult King switches to a first-person perspective. Then, on the enemy side, switch to a close-up of the breakdown. Then, to make it easier to see the range, switch back to first-person mode. As a result, everything appears more dynamic and closer than in the Angry Birds games, allowing you to witness more sublime breakdowns.

Characters and Rhythm:

Another thing that made me feel not satisfied with this game was the rhythm of this game. If you compare it to Angry Birds, things in Catapult King like the touches breaks, and the system as a whole seemed to go faster.I didn’t like this because the key feature of these kinds of slingshots is their reasonable stop time, allowing its player to have time to observe and test for a better shooting strategy for the next time. However, it seems like it has rushed that idea. Therefore, this trended to be my downfall. Catapult King Apk is a bit fast, the stop time is not very scientific, and it appears rushed.

About Background:

Catapult King was inspired by the medieval siege games familiar to us such as Angry Birds, but with many interesting points and obvious differences. In the game, you will play as a hero (hidden) who controls a large slingshot with giant stone bullets. Proceed to aim, destroy the target, and take down the strongholds, large and small armies, and even the spooky Dragons that spit fire every time. Yes, you are taking the responsibility of defeating the enemy to rescue the princess of the kingdom from the famous evil dragon lord.

Catapult King mod is an Angry Birds arcade game, but it has many interesting features and noticeable differences. You will play as a hero (hidden) who controls a large slingshot loaded with giant stone bullets in the game. Continue aiming, destroying the target, and destroying strongholds, large and small armies, and even the eerie Dragons that spit fire every time. Yes, you are taking on the task of defeating the enemy in order to save the princess of the kingdom from the famous evil dragon lord.

catapult kimg


Catapult King 2 modded version has 96 levels in total (as of the time of this writing). Each is distinct in terms of setting, fortress layout, and troops stationed in the tower. I can assure you that they are always very attractive and exciting men.

After destroying an enemy fortress, the score will include Stars, Ammunition, Life, Treasure, and Magic. From level 20, you will gradually unlock special spells that will help the slingshot and stone bullets have more terrible destructive power, allowing you to destroy the enemy’s fortress faster. Such as upgrading to a cannon, super giant stone bullets, and fire bullets to deliver decisive blows to Dragon King’s kingdom.

Each of the 96 levels is different in terms of context, the arrangement of the fortress, and the troops in the tower. The score after each shot down an enemy fortress will include stars, ammunition, life, treasure, and magic. Players are able to upgrade their slingshots and stone bullets with more powerful destructive forces to shoot decisive blows into the kingdom of Dragon King.

And then just sit back and wait for the results. There is also no ammo limit for stones on each level. Because you will gain more lives with each victory. The more lives you have in reserve, the better because sometimes two or three fortresses appear at the same time, and the less ammo you have, the higher the risk of a game over.

Catapult King APK

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Magic
  • Unlimited Gems

How to download and install Catapult King Mod APK?

Install the following steps:

  • If you have installed the original Catapult King version, you must first uninstall it.
  • Then, on our website, download Catapult King Mod APK.
  • After completing the download, locate and install the apk file.
  • To install applications from sources other than the Play Store, you must enable “Unknown Sources.”
  • Then you can launch and play Catapult King Mod APK.

Catapult King


Is Catapult King Mod APK safe for devices?

Catapult King Mod is completely safe because it was scanned by our Anti-Malware platform and no viruses were found. AOL Active Virus Shield, avast!, AVG, Clam AntiVirus, and other antivirus programs are available on the platform. Our anti-malware engine filters and classifies applications based on our criteria. As a result, installing Catapult King Mod APK from our website is completely risk-free.

Is it a modded version of Catapult King Mod?

Yes! It is a hacked version. Please contact us if it does not work.

Do you have a link to a direct download?

Yes! We’ve uploaded the file to our server, which you can access with a single click.

Is it the most recent version?

Yes! This is the most recent version of the app.

Is there a problem with the download link or is there an error?

If you discover that the download link is broken, please leave a comment or contact us.

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