Dragon City Cheats Codes,Tips & Tricks.

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Dragon City Cheats codes are very helpful and that can assist you to generate unlimited gold and gems in the game. It will be extremely helpful after you have got used to it. You’ll find a huge number of dragons,available in the game.

Tips And Tricks.

The game has simple controls and a challenging gameplay, it is critical for players to learn more tips and tricks. The following are some essential tips and tricks that all users should be aware.

Get more Food, Gold, and Gems – This implies that users will have to work harder and harder to acquire more Gems, Gold, and Food. Reading more stories and chapters in the game is a quick and easy method to gain Gems, Gold, and Food.

If you’re playing Dragon City cheats codes, you won’t be able to replay the chapters. It is necessary to begin watching your favourite character from the beginning.

Gamers can freely move between stories in this game. The stories can start as soon as they depart. Users can re-enter the storey without losing their previous progress.

About Gameplay.

The Dragon City has a challenging gameplay. Players should choose a story from among the diffrent types of stories available at the beginning of the game. There are diffrent types of storylines in the game, such as romance, stories, drama, and horror, among others. After choosing a story, one must build a character based on their preferences. by reading more stories and finishing more chapters Using the Dragon City cheats, one can obtain enough keys.

Fulfill requirements and unlock each achievement.

Unlockable                                                                  How to Unlock

Battling on Fire (4,000 XP) Battle 20 players
Be our Guest (4,000 XP) Gain 50,000 units of food
Darkness Duet (4,000 XP) Breed two Dark Dragons
Dragon Master! (1,000 XP) 25 Dragons!
Dragon Metropolis (4,000 XP) Build a habitat of each element
Friendship Rules (4,000 XP) Send a gift to a friend
Full House (4,000 XP) Upgrade your hatchery to maximum level
Gotta Catch ’em All! (4,000 XP) Get a Dragon of each element
Jewel Lover (4,000 XP) Gain 10 Gems
Landlord (4,000 XP) Expand your terrain
Legen…(wait for it) dary! (4,000 XP) Breed a Legendary Dragon
Mr. Moneybags (4,000 XP) Gain 50,000 units of Gold
NOM NOM NOM (2,500 XP) Feed 16 Dragons to level 14
Reach Level 15 (500 XP) Reach level 15
Respect! (4,000 XP) Reach level 25
Sense of Beauty (4,000 XP) Build 3 decorations
Sharing is Caring (4,000 XP) Post your progress on Facebook
Terraforming (4,000 XP) Clear a full island
Unbeatable! (4,000 XP) Win a battle without losing any dragon from your team
We are Family (4,000 XP) Hatch 5 Dragons of the same element in a row

Dragon city cheats codes

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