Dungeon Hunter 5 Cheats Codes 2022.

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Dungeon Hunter 5 cheats codes The best way to play like a pro is to use codes. This article contains useful working tricks and tips that will show you how to win the game. On the other hand, there are some cheat codes that make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

dungeon hunter 5 gift codes

Dungeon Hunter 5 Redeem Codes.

YF16FWF Cheats dungeon hunter 5: 30000 gold
9BpRcPP 10000 XP
zAhrg3o Hacks: level up
Lc4np60 +1000 damage
IC0KXAj Always combo 30
hh3VP4B Full Hp
2YtUmKk Blast all your enemies with lightning
Z11R69I 100 potions
gWzQc1w 500 League points
YH8jDGG Active shield on the stronghold
3EFoTjX 100 Gear chests.
7hibDBt Give a dark set
CrRhDGW Cheats dungeon hunter 5: epic gear
vD2U8bE 1000 Quartz

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gI6MxzS Give all potent Evolution materials
dbYhcyx Your gear with Evolution materials
8giPnUH Give 100 Bracers
qlQKUnS Give 100 back items
5Uxkd3s 100 Fusion Boosters
MisWndc Fusion Boosters and Unwanted items
DIwUQXL Super fusion chances 100%
GB0g08S 10000 gems
74XnILU loot rate +100%
oBsslJI Critical hit damage +200%
LKrFdvn 100 minion card
SZnrDGU Complete stats and special properties
uBd9cHP Superfusion level:99
29hIwgc Drive damage 100%
HicwK3i Stronghold upkeep limit +1000l
Shg3AvP critical hit chance 100%
EZ6Xrao Energy and stamina have been refilled
ATFrciJ Maximum HP +10000;
TF5P60l friend slot +100;
FctghnP Maximum energy +5000

redeem codes of dungeon hunter 5

How To Redeem gift codes of Dungeon Hunter 5.

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Select the character’s information from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in one of the above-mentioned codes.
  • You will be rewarded limitless.


  1. Greatswords have a slow swing but deal a lot of damage per hit.
  2. Dual swords are less powerful than single blades, but they are speedier and allow players to attack more frequently.
  3. Long spears with a forceful stroke and a long range are known as glaives. When dealing with huge groups of opponents, they are quite useful.
  4.  Staves are elemental-infused magical spears that can be used to deliver long-range magical blows.
  5. Crossbows are less powerful than rifles, but they allow you to kill enemies from a distance.


  • Each weapon and enemy is associated with a specific element.
  • Fire has greater power than Nature, Death has greater power than Nature, Death has greater power than Light, Light has greater power than Water, and Water has greater power than Fire.
  • Look at the difficulty section when choosing a level to see what kind of enemies you’ll be facing.
  • Choose equipment that will offer you an edge before you begin.
  • To do more harm, exploit opponent flaws.


What is Fusion?
Fusion is a system in which you can “fuse” other items into an item to raise its level (and thus its statistics). Fusion objects are permanently destroyed, but the item you upgraded receives experience, levels, and becomes more powerful.
How much Fusion Cost?
Fusion costs vary depending on the level of the base item and the number of items you’re fusing. The cost increases as the level of the base item and the number of items fused increases.
What is Evolution?
You can evolve your item to enhance its tier after it has reached its maximum level through Fusion. The item’s maximum level will increase when its tier is increased, and it will receive magical powers.
What is StrongHold?
From the player base, go to the Multiplayer page. You’ll be able to alter your Stronghold and collect the gold it has created there.
How I can protect my stronghold?
The minions you assign to our Stronghold keep it safe. When a player tries to raid you, they must first fight their way through all of the minions you’ve assigned before confronting your character. Shields can also be purchased, which prevent players from raiding your stronghold.

How to get Dungeon Hunter 5 unlimited gems?

Just follow our tips and tricks and use coupon codes and get unlimited gems.

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