Homescapes Cheat Codes, Hack Gold & Moves 2022

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Homescapes cheat codes: Homescapes is one of the most popular match-three puzzle games right now, and it’s easy to become engrossed in trying to find homes for all of Austin’s friends and family members. Homescapes, like any good mobile game, has a variety of different rewards that you can collect as you play. You must log in every day to claim your daily reward, but you can stock up on rewards if you do not log in for several days at a time. If you’re looking for a specific power-up or a piece of furniture, here’s how you can use the daily gift codes we’ve compiled below. You can download Homescapes from the Google play store.

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List of Homescapes Cheat Codes:

  • Xb1OCB9o3n – life
  • 0bJcJnYpdK – gold
  • Y6qTqXgUov – stars
  • i40eIEIJyD– boost
  • 2Fyq0tDOSQ – new levels
  • 5rnsEPsloF– oflline mode
  • N1ZOf4HGuL – unlimited number of moves

Homescapes Tips & Tricks:

Making use of combinations:

Remember to join different blocks to create extraordinary blocks the next time you play Homescapes.

A Rocket is made by arranging four bricks in a row.

Rockets can be used to clear rows both horizontally and vertically.

Fives in a row result in a bomb, whereas fives in a row result in a disco ball.

The bomb can also be combined with other weapons, such as a rocket.

If you do this, special abilities will be activated.

Use of social media:

If you’re playing Homescapes, we recommend logging in with your Facebook account.

Simply by joining the game through Facebook, you will receive 1000 coins.

If you stay signed in, you’ll be able to send and receive retries from your friends.

Be Patient:

This may not appear to be conventional gaming advice, but patience pays off in Homescapes.

Wait a few seconds if you find yourself in a situation in the game where finding a mate appears impossible.

During your wait, the game will automatically provide you with solution suggestions.

Examine Your Barrier:

Keep an eye out for block formations, among other things, when playing Homescapes.

Analyzing formations and making appropriate preparations is one of the simplest strategies for quickly solving this game.

Homescapes  codes

Homescapes Unlimited Free Coins:

  • Keep following our simple instructions to receive Homescapes Free Coins.
  • Every day, the game begins.
  • Real-money in-game purchases can earn you up to 110,000 dollars.
  • Each team is responsible for sending 5 lives to others. Prize money for the tournament ranges between $700and $1,000.
  • Completing match-3 levels earns you 60-150 points (depending on difficulty)
  • SOS Levels and Mini-Games: 300 400 words derived from letters
  • It was discovered by chance during the restoration of the mansion.
  • A commercial can take up to 1 hour to watch.

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