Langrisser Tier List 2022 (New Updated)

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In Langrisser Tier List, you’ll control an army of up to 30 different units. Each unit is rated for its attack, defense, and movement capabilities, as well as an experience level. You can move each unit anywhere on the battlefield or attack any enemy on the screen.

Langrisser Tier List

Langrisser Tier List pve team puts you in control of a vast army. Each unit is rated for its attack, defense, and movement capabilities. As you progress through the game, your units will gain experience levels and new abilities that allow them to become more powerful. Langrisser exclusive equipment tier list is here below.

Game Overview:

Langrisser is a game of strategy as you place your army to protect your castle while attempting to locate and destroy the enemy army – that’s when the real fun begins!

A commander’s job is extremely difficult and he has to lead all of his units in battle. In this game, you can level up your units, but the levels are not related to the number of health points available. However, a higher-level unit means higher power. A commander with the ability to rescue himself remains in the game longer and can lead his troops to victory. Each unit’s health points will determine its survival in battle. There are many different characters, each similar but not identical. Units with more health points are more likely to survive, so choosing the right unit is critical. Make a careful strategy for each battle, and soon you will be able to conquer all on the map. Leading an army to victory is not for the soft-hearted. You must strategize and build your army with care to ensure victory.

Langrisser Tier List


Langrisser Tire List 2022:


Here are the ones you have to watch out for: the meta-defining characters. They carry your team, or destroy it all on their own. The meta-defining characters are the most powerful in the game. You’ll use them every battle, and you’ll love it. When these characters are killed, the game is almost over. They provide an invaluable service to their team and bring a ton of utility to the table.

Liana Healer Although she does not yet have the same level of healing that Tiaris, one of the strongest burst healers, she has the capacity to heal multiple targets with her AoE heals. She has, Liana is an excellent party healer. She can keep your whole team alive for long periods of time.

Liana’s ability to dispel the debuffs of enemies (including the orbs left behind by Bosses) make her a pure utility Hero and a must-have on high-end content.

Holy Sister: After taking action, and heals them for 3x and dispels 2 debuffs from allies within 2 blocks Liana’s INT.
Leon Physical DPS Leon is the best attacker in the game. Not only is that, but his ability to attack again after moving important in some of the game’s hardest fights. With Leon on your team, you’ll never have to worry about losing because of damage. Leon can attack twice while taking half the damage. He is strong against hard enemies. Epic Knight: With every 1 block moved, damage is increased by 4% and DEF increased by 20%. It can move another 3 blocks again after attacking.
Tiaris Healer Tiaris is a master healer, capable of healing both your primary tank and main damage dealer simultaneously. She will also buff your DPS character with enough offensive buffs to one-shot some of the game’s toughest enemies. Healing LightAfter taking action, allies within 2 blocks gain. After the battle, 100% chance to restore 3x HP amount Tiaris’ INT.




You probably never thought of using these characters because they are not as overpowered as the ones in the Langrisser Tier List. If you want to win the game without much effort, we recommend you to invest in a character on the S-Tier. You won’t regret it.


























































Ledin is a tank class that should be one of your first options when you decide on whom to choose for your party. He has a special ability that can eliminate the threat of counter-attacks. He may not have the firepower as other members in his class, but that’s what separates him from the rest and allows him to go toe-to-toe with even party leaders.

While he doesn’t have the highest attack, Ledin can still pack a punch. With him, you can have a frontline tank that not only deals good damage but also disrupts enemies with his high chance to stun. You’re looking for a tank that can slow down your opponents? Then Ledin is for you!

King’s Will: Damage is decreased by 15%. Whenit is attacked with a melee attack with Hero HP goes above 50% and counters 2 times.










Bozel is always useful against any type of enemy. He always casts debuff on an enemy, hampering their potential every turn. He is a revered general, and his ability to cast any spell against anyone at any time makes him an unstoppable force. Ancient Evil: It can replace INT with 1.5x MDEF. Even after facing damage to an enemy, it has 100% chance to deal 1 random debuff.








Physical DPS







Sonya’s skill is an absolute treasure for an all-offensive party composition. She can buff your units across the state board. She’s the only hero who has this ability, making her invaluable for late-game content. Sonya is the only hero with an ability that buffs your entire team in every stat. This makes her enormously more valuable as you progress through late-game content. Demon Blood: every time an enemy unit is defeated, you can move also another 3 blocks. At the exact same time, gain 20% ATK, INT, DEF & MDEF for 3 turns, up to a maximum of 2 stacks.




Physical DPS



Having Luna in your party increases party survivability. She can protect, heal and still dish out a decent amount of damage. While her attacks make things easier. She’s the perfect companion for any adventurer. Sylph’s Blessing: MDEF is increased by 20% and allies within 2 blocks gain 30% Magic Damage is expected.






Ranged DPS





Cherie is a master of the spear and the only attacker for Glory and the Princess faction, making her a powerful choice for any battle. Cherie is your best DPS option. She’ll help you decimate enemies with her one-turn-kill tactic. Cherie is a versatile character who can be a one-woman army, providing buffs to the team while making sure your squad can take on a large number of monsters at once. Wild Princess: When no allies are within 2 blocks, ATK & DEF is increased by 25%.  It gains 1 more chance to act after eliminating an enemy (2-turns cool down).












Lana is a mage that can deal damage from a distance. Her single-target and AoE damage are superb, plus she has a decent set of debuffs to add to her utility. To reach this potential, however, you need to build around her faction buffs. It’s quite a chore, but it’s worth it for the rewards if you get them. Arcane Extension: In entering battle, Magic Damage is increased by 30%. The range is increased by 1 while casting skills.
















Shelfaniel’s powerful AoE magic attacks are her calling card. She also has a myriad of buffs to her allies, and as such is a force to be reckoned with. Shelfaniel commands a wide variety of powerful spells in battle and has abilities that cater to any role she takes. She is a valuable asset when it comes to team fights, but she also excels at protecting the back line. Magic Lineage: The higher Troop HP and the higher INT increases by up to 20%. When it needs to deal with damage this skill is used and it reduces by 3.














Vargas is an impressive tank with the highest physical DEF in the game. However, he has low MDEF. He’s better suited for high risk-high reward situations. Ledin is a more balanced tank with good DEF, RES, and MDEF. If you are playing a defensive team, Ledin may be a better choice for you. Superhuman Bravery: it Decreases the damage to troops by 30%. Vargas will never die when suffering fatal damage is happened. But his HP reverts to 30% of the max. It can be used just once.



Because we know everyone is not as lucky that many of you have A-Langrisser Tier List and S-Tier characters, we wanted to give our members a chance to play with some B Langrisser Tier List characters. With the right equipment, they are the lower limit of excellent characters. Play with them if you like, but understand that there is a higher chance of defeat. B-Tier opponents, those on the higher tiers should still be treated with care.





Magical DPS



You don’t need to spend a lot of resources to make Egbert useful for your team. He contributes as part of the Empire faction or on his own. His AoE attack and debuff spells work great towards the end game. Raging Inferno: it deals with fixing the damage once to the enemy equal to 2x Egbert’s INT.










Physical DPS





Elwin is a selfish DPS, meaning he can work independently and focus solely on offense. This works, because he has good single-target damage and his passive heal, combined with other self-healing skills. His debuff skill which is probably the best in the game adds to the power of his overall kit. Brave’s Will: While initiating combat, the damage will increase by 30%. After the battle, the HP restore chances are 100% , equal to 30% of the damage dealt by Elwin.






Physical DPS, Tank



Alt With Altemuller, you’ll build stronger alliances and be more trusted if you pair him with Leon. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to show his true value as he starts off unremarkable. He is a good buffer. However, he does not shine right out of the gate without investment. Supreme Overlord:

Even before entering the battle, ATK will be increased by 10% and Physical damage will be decreased by 5%.






Physical DPS




Angelina is a great flier with possibly the best physical crowd control ability in the game. However, her similarities with Cherie are what hold her back. Cherie is a better version of Angelina because she has a stronger set of abilities and a higher potential to deal damage to enemies. Battle GoddessAll damage taken is reduced by 20% on the defective terrain. Otherwise, ATK is increased by 20%.









Physical DPS, Tank



Bernhardt is essential for any Empire faction; his skill boosts the party’s Attack and Defense, because of his skill, which buffs the party and weakens the opposing team. This gives you a strong positioning advantage. Lord’s Will: in the start of battle, the damage increases by 20%. All enemies within 2 blocks are ATK & DEF  and decreased by 15%.



They are average. They lack any superpowers to make them special. However, they do have enough ability to surprise our rivals and that explains why we found ourselves needing them. For now, it looks like they might be able to lead us to victory but only if you’re spending time on them now, keep on doing it. Once you reach a much stronger hero, this one can still be helpful to you.






Healer, Support




Some might disagree with me, but if you’re short on S- tier healers, there are times when Sophia is the right call. Her heals can save your team from certain death, and her buff increases your entire teams health by 30%, which is usually more than enough to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Merciful Heart:  It heals 30% of HP and DEF increases 30% by the buff when hero casts a skill on a party member then buff lasts in 2 turns.





Physical DPS




Matthew is not a solid choice for a DPS character; however, he is a great support character who provides your team with an immediate boost. If you position him next to a strong DPS or tank character, you can give your team a head start in the fight. However it is not a good DPS unit in his own right, but it works best for his buff at the start of the battle. By putting  him next to a strong DPS or tank character, you can give your team a headstart in the fight.




Physical DPS



Lester’s mighty shield can be used to block damage in a direction of his choosing. He has decent growths across the board and benefits from the Glory faction, but his unique skill is a disqualifying factor for most parties. Naval Expert: During water battles, all units ATK will be increaseed by 30%






Physical DPS, Support




Grenier’s buff is a strange one in that you have to wait for it to activate before you know if it’s a good dividend. However, having the knowledge of whether your buff is active or not can give you an advantage when selecting fight methods. it can keep you alive for a long time if you know how to use it. Tenacity: if you pick her for your battle,then there is a 100% chance to increase ATK & DEF by 10% for 2 turns up to a maximum of 3 stacks.



Some people are not as lucky as others at the game. In here, you will find all the characters of this tier that are not THAT useful or good. But what to do when it seems like you can’t find a useful hero at all in this tier? All heroes are valuable; each one has its own role to play. Strategies and team compositions change so you need to be constantly aware of how your skills will help the team. You just need to exercise a little patience and try to discover the good in every single hero that you summon.













Lance is a poor choice for PvE in the vast majority of cases. The only reason that he’s not at the bottom of this list is because of his decent defense and passable attack. Lance is a very balanced character, with below-average power, health, and ability strength. Battlefield Mastery: When battling against Fliers and Cavalry, ATK & DEF will be  increased by 30%.






Support, Physical DPS



Lewin is a great tank when it comes to buffing his team. He can support a party with decent physical defense and attack. Keep him close, but don’t expect to keep him around for long. He should be replaced with other units that can perform his buffing duties better. Origins of Light: Before taking the attack, units’ ATK & DEF will be increased by 15%in  lasts 1 turn, and 100% chance to restore 30% HP after the battle.






Her best attribute is her ability to play well with others. While the Iron Hand buff’s damage boost isn’t worth taking that much damage, especially in tougher fights. Queen’s Gauntlet: Unit damage increased by 20%. After taking action, casts Iron Hand on 4 friendly units within 2 blocks. Iron Hand increases hero damage by 20%, but they lose 10% HP after the battle.






Magical DPS





Jessica’s skill set is well-made when placed on a team of fighters that are already high offense and low defense. However, Jessica’s level 10,000 attack is lower than a level 50 attacker. Due to her poor stats and mediocre offensive ability, however, she was ranked in tier D until her update on November 2017. Magic Master: Here the Unit HP is 100% and  INT increases by 15%. 40% INT is added to MDEF.



We are highly concerned with some of your choices. You did not select the best heroes and now you face the consequences. We suggest you focus on the characters that will help you win and ignore the ones that won’t. We would not recommend continuing to use these characters. For some reason, the developers have made some heroes that punish you for placing them on your team. We ask you to immediately remove these characters from your team lineup.


Who is the best character in Langrisser pve tier list?

Liana is the best character in Langrisser. She is descended from a clan of light with healing ability and when it is activated. Liana is a healer and debuffer who can be used in almost every situation. The healing, itself, provides invaluable support to surrounding units and the debuff removal is invaluable in certain situations, e.g. Fire Dragon. Exploit her true potential with strong supporting units; she will rescue you from difficult situations time and time again!


Langrisser Equipment Guide & Mobile Reroll Guide :

  • It is definitely worth rerolling in this game because the other players in the higher level bracket use different accounts and they have no reason to make a new one because they already have high-level units built trust me it works.
  • Using a VPN is the best way to get a new account and keep it undetected by the server. Because there is a limited number of product keys for each server.
  • You can use a different Facebook account to also link to your Langrisser account, this allows you to easily reroll.

Langrisser is an amazing game. It’s the perfect mix of excitement, strategy, and action. It’s easy to learn but hard to master.

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Where can I find the new Langrisser Mobile Redeem Codes List?

You should also know that all Langrisser Gift Codes are distributed only by the publisher through its official social networks. There is no doubt that you can find everything you are looking for in this article. It is not so hard: use key phrases in the search and it will give you a list of blog posts with the same topic. Make sure you check the following link to get your Langrisser Code safely.

How to Redeem Langrisser Tier List to get free rewards?

The method, to claim a Langrisser Gift Code is not that different from other games. It also has some simple steps to complete.

On the very first in-game, you have to click on your Avatar in the top-left corner and then on, the new windows you have to click on the “Code” button. After that, you must enter one of the above codes on the “Enter your Gift code” text box. Finally, the return to the game has the diamonds and packs.

Note about langrisser equipment guide 2022:

If one of these has stopped working, it may be because the domain associated with has expired, or it may be case sensitive, or you may have exceeded the number of uses allowed.

Langrisser game


Hopefully, after you have read through our Langrisser Tier List, you now have enough information to choose your own squad without any distractions. It doesn’t matter if a character is flashy or not. The important thing is that you have found information about your favorite characters easily so you can begin playing Langrisser now. Don’t worry about making the wrong choice, take your time and think before you act!

Ultimately, who you pick is up to you (though if you haven’t played the game before, I’d recommend checking out our Tier List for some recommendations.

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