Mythic Heroes Codes 2022 New List

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We have shared the latest list of working Mythic Heroes Codes 2022 that can be exchanged for Cod, in-game currencies like diamonds, and other exclusive items like summon scrolls, premium materials, etc. So these are the Mythic Heroes Codes that we have discovered so far(if you know more codes, please share them in the comment box below, also let us know if a Mythic Heroes gift code is not working for you).

Mythic Heroes Codes

Mythic Heroes 2022:

Here is a complete list of active Mythic Heroes Codes 2022 that can be redeemed for Cod, in-game currencies like diamonds, and other exclusive items like summon scrolls, premium materials, etc. This page contains all the information you need about the newly discovered working gift codes. Mythic Heroes Gift Codes is a website that shares interesting codes that you can use when creating your character and playing the game. These official websites offer our users exclusive content and gift codes. To get these active Mythic Heroes Gift Codes, visit our official website here Now Available for You every time New Reset Code Information what you need.

Mythic Heroes Gift Codes:

To summon new characters and upgrade your character, you’ll need a lot of in-game money. Of course, we can assist with that. From our list of Mythic Heroes codes, you can get free summon scrolls, gems, and even a small amount of gold to use however you want.

  • CCB2B – 400 diamonds
  • FB100K – 1,000 diamonds
  • THANKYOUALL – 2,000 diamonds
  • GRR2W – 400 diamonds
  • NJ1RF – 400 diamonds
  • RGRS5 – 400 diamonds
  • MH8888 – 20 standard summon scrolls
  • MH7777 – 3,000 diamonds
  • SN5JH – diamonds (new!)
  • OAM0H – diamonds
  • APGES – diamonds
  • WGO3S – diamonds
  • NTL4O – diamonds

We recommend using the copy and paste option to ensure that you enter the codes correctly and without making any mistakes or typos. After clicking Confirm, the reward should appear on your screen and be credited to your account. When players enter gift codes, they are frequently given Diamonds and Hero Summon Scrolls as gifts.

Mythic Heroes Gift Codes

How to redeem Mythic Heroes Promo Codes?

Have trouble entering Mythic Heroes cheat codes? Follow these easy steps.

Start the game by selecting the avatar icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

In the newly opened window, click the “Code” button.

Enter the codes in the “Gift Code” field.

To receive your gift in-game right now, click the “Confirm” button.

Mythic Heroes Tier list:

Mythic Heroes Best Characters

Carriers – Lucifer, Susanoo, Ganjiang & Moye, and Izanami

Tanks – Hades, Athena

Support – Idun, Nagakayne, Nuwa

Mythic Heroes PvP tier list

S-Tier – Izanumi, Tamamo No Mae, Nuwa, Dionysus, Lucifer, Susanoo, Ganjiang and Moye

A-Tier – Flora, Idun, Nagakayna, Athena, Thor, Gaia, Hercules, Anubis, Medusa, Artemis, Persephone

B-Tier – Lu Bu, Zeus

C-Tier – Lilith, Joan of Arc, Iset, Oberon, Cleopatra,

S-Tier – Lucifer, Athena, Idun

A-Tier – Artemis, Susanoo, Ganjiang & Moye, Tamamo No Mae, Nagakayne, Persephone, Nuwa

B-Tier – Zeus, Izanami, Medusa, Cleopatra, Oberon

C-Tier – Joan of Arc, Hercules, Lu Bu, Iset, Gaia, Dionysus, Hades, Anubis,

D-Tier – Lilith

Game Description:

Mythic Heroes is a brand-new idle RPG game created by, the same company that created Rage of Destiny and Lords Mobile. The game should remain stable and active for many years to come thanks to the huge and skilled development crew. The people behind Rage of Destiny and Lords Mobile have created another amazing idle game for mobile devices. Mythic Heroes is currently available for iOS and Android, so you can be one of the players who get to enjoy this memorable experience.

If you enjoy the classic Idle RPG games like Rage of Destiny, then this new game is for you. The game features a fully 3D world and thousands of characters to collect for your own personal army. It also has a large selection of quests to keep you busy for hours upon hours!

Mythic Heroes Codes


The Mythic codes, Mythic Heroes tier list, and top Mythic Heroes characters are now complete. Check back after each update to see if any heroes have been relocated. Because tier lists are entirely subjective, you may disagree with some of our rankings. This article is meant to be more of a guide for newer players and those deciding where to allocate their resources.

Users, I will deliver you all of the information you require from our website. Simply enter the Codes to receive an unlimited amount of gems and bonuses. To obtain the Codes, activate the deal. If you run into any problems activating this proposal, please let us know in the comments section below and we will gladly assist you.

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