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NamePixel Survival Game 2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Price Free
RequiresAndriod 4.4
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Today our Pixel Survival Game 2 MOD APK is going to talk about other action games. It is about a pixel hero living in a dark world. You must use your imagination to create amazing combos for yourself. Your hero pixel will be stronger as you can make combinations between the different traps, which are scattered in different places. You need to use them wisely so that you can kill the enemies that come to attack you and this image is amazing.

The game Pixel Survival Game 2 unlimited resources was released in 2016 by Cowbeans. The aim of the game is to help our hero survive life in the dark world full of enemies. Learn the gestures, create amazing combinations and use different weapons to defeat numerous monsters to save your pixel buddy. It is a game that takes seconds to play but is impossible to put down.

Purpose of this Game

You are the protagonist in this exciting pixel adventure. The Whole World has been taken over by enemies, every pixel is a danger to you. You have to escape from Dark World and find the purpose of your being in the world. There is only one miracle source you can rely on Combinations.

Mission & Background.        

Survive the night and save a town! You are the Pixel Survival, you ate the lamp and became a little hero. You lived in a deserted town. No one is with you and you become lonely. For around two years you fought with monsters to survive. Now there are no monsters but lots of people coming here from other towns. People here need your help to build houses that can protect them from the wild. But you should use your craft skill to make weapons for fighting against wildness again!


Pixel Survival Game 2 latest version gives me a lot of character options. There are Super Boy, Super Girl, Badman, Caveman, Skull Knight, Cap One, Ironman, Ninja Skin, Hook,spi, and snow night.

  • By dragging an inventory item to the proper Equipment box, you can manufacture equipment.
  • The Bags at the top of the screen can be used to gather inventory (right corner).
  • The weapons and hot items you can use in battle are located in the first column of Equipment slots.
  • Below is a list of currently accessible weaponry, as well as combat movements such as jumping, kicking, and so on, on the right side of the screen. You can opt to fight directly or defend from a distance, depending on the situation.
  • To make a combination, go to the upper right corner and click the Combine button (next to the Inventory button). Then, to combine things, drag them into three combo spaces. The process of merging can result in the emergence of a variety of unexpected species.

Pixel Survival mod Unlimited Gems.

You are the Pixel Survival, you can eat the lamp and become a little hero. After eating the lamp, you became a little hero and needed to fight with monsters so that no one can disturb your life. Protecting your house and you’re your everything. But now, it’s different. Most of the people have left. Most of them have come here because they heard there is an abandoned town with no monsters at all! People here need your help to build houses that can protect them from the wild. But remember, you are the only one who can fight against wildness if monsters come back. You can get unlimited gems by downloading our games.

Attraction in Game.

No longer confined to a small town, the map part 2 has spread to many strange worlds: Grasslands, Darklands, Hell, Tut Tut’s lair, Beholder’s Lair, Survival zone, Enchanted Forest Arena… In each place, the mission is the same, but the landscape, progression, and series of mini-quests will be completely different. They’re also about the actions of exploring, hunting monsters, collecting loot, and then combining with existing resources to create new weapons. Upgrade existing weapons, set traps, find, and destroy monster eggs to fight increasingly violent monsters.

Part 2 adds to the appeal by allowing up to three players to play at the same time. Invite your friends to play with you, share resources, strategize, and slay monsters. What could be better than a gaming weekend with your best friend?

You can outfit your character with a variety of new accessories in the game’s Shop section, including weapons, costumes, power-ups, and a variety of boosted talents. All of them are bought using in-game money. Money can be obtained by battling monsters or completing objectives. The more monsters you can defeat, the better your chances of becoming wealthy.

Crafts Things to survival.

In real life, the game’s crafting step is likewise done quite well. If you want to make a torch, for example, you’ll need to use stone and wood. You’ll need wood and iron if you want to build a monster-proof trap… Due to the destruction of creatures, I’ve found that traps only remain for a limited period, thus you must continually check and refresh.

pixel survival latest version 2022

Hatch Monster Eggs.

The case of discovering monster eggs, combining them, and nurturing them into charming pets is the finest part of Pixel Survival Game 2 hack mode. They can merge with one another as they grow older to form a new species that is increasingly odd and beautiful. The Combination Book has a lot of fascinating combination recipes. Furthermore, the Fusion process applies not only to monster-derived pets but also to weapons and crafting materials. In general, maintain reading reference books for some basic understanding when you first start playing. The theory is based on books, however, you can later construct it from your own ideas.

Don’t forget about the hidden treasure chests. The silver chest will bring you a plethora of useful and uncommon things. Gold chests, on the other hand, will deliver you much better and rarer items.

Pixel Survival game 2 for android

With the spirit of pixel this time, we have a fascinating and funny storyline for you, for different scenes and types of gameplay. Pixel survival island begins with you being a rough boat landing on a deserted island. After your search, you will find that the only resources you can find there is wood, coal; and wild animals are your only allies and companions. You can easily download it for android.

Pixel Survival Hack Mode

The pixel survival hack mode modifies the game of survival for your devices better to suit your survivorship needs. With pixel survival hack mode you can mod food spawn rates, timer speeds, daytime lengths, fortnite materials generation, building costs and health amounts while playing pixel survival on your android device.


  • Up to four players can play online; LAN is not accessible (with friends list)
  • Locate monster eggs and transform them into adorable animals!
    • Discover hundreds of things – Create mysterious items using secret combinations
  • Three distinct modes (Arena, Survival, Exploration)

How to download and install this game?

  • You just click on the given button and download this splendid game.
  • Then Install it and enjoy this splendid game.

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