Purrfect Tale Codes 2022 (New List)

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Looking for the latest Purrfect Tale codes? We’ve got you covered. This page lists all the latest working promo codes for the game. All you have to do is follow our guide on how to copy and redeem them, and your free in-game items will be yours in no time!

Purrfect Tale Codes

Here we are! The place to find all the latest working Purrfect Tale codes, so you can get yourself started right away. This page has a complete list of all the latest working promo codes for the game.

Purrfect Tale Codes:

Code                             Rewards

  • HAPPY2022
  • Happy 2022           Tiger Decoration
  • x20 Hearts
  • happy1106
  • 1000x Cod
  • badmouse
  • 666x Cod
  • gumino1
  • 888x Cod
  • Lovinggumi             10x

How to Redeem Purrfect Tale Codes?

  •  At the top of the main screen, tap the “Settings” button.
  • Select “Redemption Code.”
  •  Enter your code and press the “Redeem” button.

About Game:

Purrfect Tale is an action-adventure game that takes place in a fantasy world where you play as a student who is transported back to his past. Over the course of your life, you will choose your own path for adventure–and meet many interesting people along the way!

Badmouth’s official Facebook page is where new codes are usually released, so it’s worth following them there. We will also keep this page up to date with the most recent redemption codes as they become available.

You wake up as a student. You have a massive study load, but you manage to catch a bit of pocket money. Meanwhile, you meet a stray cat that manages to wriggle its way into your world by chance. What kind of life will the cat-eared youth choose this time? This game is set in the framework of an interactive novel with an uplifting storyline and a variety of diverse characters. It’s going to be fun!

Purrfect Tale redeem Codes

See more things for the game:

Start a New Story:

This story is told in the form of interactive comics. To move forward, you’ll need to think about and make decisions. What will you do if the cat you adopt grows into a human? What are you going to wear for your spring outing…? Each interaction will allow you to gain a better understanding of your cat-eared youth. Every time you give it your all, you’ll get one step closer to your goal. Every action you take will have an effect on how the story progresses. So, what decisions will you make?

Your Own Residence:

You can have your own house to decorate however you want! There is a large floor-length window. You can furnish the house with your favorite furniture and pet supplies. It also has a small yard where you can grow various plants! When the warm sunlight enters the house, you can curl up in your rocking chair and watch the cats and dogs play happily in the yard.

Explore the Cats’ Social Circles:

What would your cat say if they could speak to you? WeChat is a mysterious website where you can learn more about your cats’ secrets and funny stories from their everyday lives… Will you remain a silent observer or join in the fun with your feline companions?

Introducing the Catcha Machine:

Did you expect to catch cats in a claw machine? They’re yours if you catch them! Huh? Do these cats have personalities and jobs of their own? There are also numerous decorations, souvenirs, and snacks available, including strawberry pudding, macarons, and boba milk tea… There are so many delicious snacks! I’m curious what it’ll be like when the house is full of them.


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