Summon Dragons Tier List 2022:

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Summon Dragons Tier List will give you a ranking of all the dragons in the game. The leaderboard is based on their Rarity, Faction, and Role. The factions are Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Light, Darkness, and Ethereal. Roles are Agility, Strength, Mercy, and Mage. Lastly, the Rarity types are Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

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The ranking of all the Dragons available in the game. This Summon Dragons Tier List will tell you which ones are the best for each task and general gameplay.

Best Agility Dragons:


         Tier       Dragons

  • S Tier           Grover, Edwyn Margaret,
  • A Tier          Sebastian,Oliver, Darwin, Kamath, Akuris
  • B Tier          Greed, Heracles, Calia, Teresi, Oliver, Torres
  • C Tier          Erinis, Blade, Tham, Bruce, Neptune, Moffett, Tham
  • D Tier         Erinis, Blade, Bruce, Neptune, Moffett,

Best ever Dragons

   Tier        Dragons

  • S Tier    Edwards, Cosmo
  • A Tier   Phoenix, Envy
  • B Tier   Iris, Griss
  • C Tier   Jane, Felton, Mowgli, Gusta

This Summon Dragons Tier List is here to give you an idea of how each dragon ranks up against the other. With so many different dragons, we’re sure there will be a few you don’t agree with at first but bear with us!

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Game Description:

Summon Dragons is a game developed by HK HERO ENTERTAINMENT CO., LIMITED. It features cute, but powerful dragons that players can hatch, train, grow and collect to compete and prove their might to claim the title of top Dragon Master in the world. The game has a sizable player base already; players have been curious to learn whether some of its items are available via coupons or promo codes. I’m glad to report that this is possible by following easy steps.

Summon Dragons Codes 2022:

Redeem summon dragons promo codes to get special in-game items such as the Elemental Summon Crystal and Clown Hat. Codes can be redeemed every day, so don’t forget to redeem them before they expire.

  • APRILFOOLS           7 Elemental Summon Crystal
  • DRAGONSPRING   20 Clown’s Hat
  • VALENTINE2022   More Rewards
  • Dragon777           Exciting rewards.
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  • lv3ht                     Get 888 Diamonds.
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  • fdg0l                    Redeem thiscode and get rewards.
  • TIGERYEAR           Exclusive Reward

Summon Dragons Gift Codes:

  • cYUqjHYEVp
  • lYOQUmPtkj
  • QpQaT9ylX4
  • A50ByIErge
  • MLubgMNABB
  • HWqXtdEe7b
  • DYq1M16uPi
  • C6qgiA8CS1
  • aXeqYhS5PQ

If you don’t want to miss out on future rewards, you can bookmark this page and check back for new codes as soon as they become available. Looking for Summon Dragons Redeem Code! The list is updated with new codes as they become available.

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How to redeem Summon Dragons Redeem Codes?

Summon Dragons, unlike most mobile games, has an in-game code redemption center that you can easily access within the game. As a result, instead of going to an external site and entering your Summon Dragons codes, you can simply follow the steps below and redeem any rewards at your leisure!

  • On your device, launch the Summon Dragons game.
  • In the top right corner of the screen, select the Settings menu.
  • By clicking the button, you will be taken to the next screen. There will be a Redeem Code icon; click on it.
  • Copy and paste the code from the box above into the blank box below.
  • Click the Confirm Button to begin receiving your rewards right away!

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Users, I will provide you with all of the information you should obtain from our website. If you have any difficulties activating this proposal, please let us know in the comments section below and we will gladly assist you. You can download more APK games and Apps as well as Codes of games by just Click Here.

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