Tales of Grimm Tier List 2022 (Updated List)

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Our Tales of Grimm Tier List 2022 wiki is the best place to get the latest Tales of Grimm Tier list with names. Here you can get the Tales of Grimm tier list with new updates, you don’t have to worry about getting invalid tier list or old expired codes.

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The Tales of Grimm Tier list will be updated every time there is a major change in the meta. Our expert team built this tier list with top-tier players, who have played thousands of games on different devices and ranked as high as 1 for their region. This means that you don’t need to worry about getting an invalid tier list, or old expired codes.

Tales of Grimm Tier List 2022:

Tales of Grimm Tier List – Get the Latest Tales of Grimm Tier List 2022, we have updated the list for you. Here you can get the latest valid code for Tales of Grimm as well as unlimited keys and coins. With our new codes, you can get access to all characters and multiple resources without any hassle.

Character Roles:

There are four main characters: Warrior, Guardian, Mage, and Support.

Warrior role characters excel at dealing with DMG and fighting enemies up close. Guardian role characters are difficult to defeat due to their high DEF and DMG resistance; they usually stand in the front and protect allies by soaking DMG and providing shields.

Mage role characters, like Warrior, are good at inflicting DMG; the difference between mage and warrior role characters is that mage characters have CC abilities, ranged ATK skills, and can apply debuffs to enemies.

Supporter role characters play an important role in the battle by assisting allies with buffs, boosts, healing, and so on. Building a balanced team is always a good idea.

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Tales of Grimm Tier List 2022

         Tier                        Characters:

  • Tier- S           Prince Charm, Shahryar, Cindy, Wonder Allish, Miss Conch, Mad Granny, Maid Sophie
  • Tier- A           Larissa, Blade Gina, Red Queen, Dark Queen, Glade Laddin, Yuri Schnee Nightmare Ella, Nesy, Dottie, Bunny Bride, Queen Lilith, Raven Irene, Dark Knight, Triton
  • Tier- B           Genie Cuya, Federn, Britney, Raven Maal, Carabosse, Cindy’s Stepmother, Thumboy, Bremen, Quasi Mortal, Princess Paeya, Wukong, Fencer Pedro, Quickcut Pinno
  • Tier- C           Swift Ali, Rouge Jack, Lil Prince, Lettucera, Thumbelina, Goddess Bella, Wicked Hag, Emerald Mage, Bean Sage, Prince Adam, Princess Ophelia,

Tales Of Grimm Support Class Tier List

      Tier                Characters

  • Tier-  S           Miss Conch, Maid Sophie, Mad Granny
  • Tier-  A           Larissa, Nesy, Nightmare Ella
  • Tier-  B           Thumboy, Dottie, Bremen
  • Tier-  C           Lettucera, Princess Paeya, Thumbelina

Tales of Grimm codes 2022

  • TOGEVERYDAY – Rewards: 200x Diamonds, 10x Energy Gems, 100k Gold, 50k Hero EXP
  • TOG777 – Rewards: 20x Energy Gems
  • 4URACC – Rewards: 200x Diamonds, 1x Energy Gem
  • TOG2022 – Redeem this code and get X free rewards
  • TOGEVERYDAY – Redeem this code and get X free rewards
  • 4URACC — Redeem this code and get X free rewards
  • TOG777 — Redeem this code and get X Energy Gems & Rename Scrolls
  • VIP777 — Redeem this code and get X 200 Diamonds & 200 Promotion Stones
  • 4SPCU – Redeem this code and get X rewards (NEW)
  • DCEV1 – Redeem this code and get X rewards
  • ROCKNROLL – Redeem this code and get X rewards


Tales of Grimm is a fighting game for mobile phones and tablets, developed by Bandai Namco. The first version was released in 2015 to the Android operating system and updates followed afterward until 2017. There are also multiple servers that can be accessed depending on your country of residence.

tales of grimm tier list

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