Valorant Free Redeem Codes 2022 ( New Updated)

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The most recent batch of Valorant Free Redeem Codes has arrived, ready for players to use and claim their free rewards, which include playing cards, titles, and more! Riot Games frequently distributes Valorant free codes, which can be redeemed for limited-time exclusive to the rewards. We have a comprehensive list of active and working codes that you can use to see what promotions are currently available.

In addition to the amazing gameplay, Valorant boasts one of the best in-game cosmetic and item collections of any game currently available, including weapon skins, player cards, ornaments, and more. You’ll have to spend money to get these now, either by purchasing a battle pass or purchasing them straight from the in-game market.

Valorant Game Overview:

Riot Games published Valorant, a first-person shooter hero game, in June 2020. This game has gained a lot of popularity among users since its release.

Valorant is one of the most popular First Person Shooters out there, having a huge player base with a thriving sports scene. The game features over 15 different various powers that players can choose from before joining a 5v5 match, with the objective of eliminating opponents in several rounds.

Valorant is a free online game that allows you to collect various in-game items, including free player cards and cosmetics. During major events, keep an eye out for chances to earn in-game free stuff. Valorant also has a code redemption feature, which allows you to get in-game items for free without having to pay anything. Valorant codes can be used to obtain various items such as playing cards, titles, weapon skins, ornaments, and so on. New Free Codes are frequently released and expire, so bookmark this page and return daily for updates. We perform our best to keep this list up to date and to add new codes as they become available.

 Valorant Free Redeem Codes 2022:

Riot frequently distributes Valorant codes via social media networks, and live streams on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms. Because most of the codes supplied by Riot are time-sensitive, it’s usually a good idea to redeem them as soon as possible.

Valorant currently boasts some of the best in-game items and cosmetic collectibles in the FPS game. With a battle pass or straight through the in-game store, you can get some incredible weapon skins, player cards, and ornaments.

Working Codes:

A list of working Valorant Free Redeem Codes for the Valorant can be found in the section below. Let’s have a look at what they have to offer.

Redeem Free Code Reward
YTILAUD Use this redeem code for Duality Player Card.

Expired Codes:

A list of expired Valorant redeem codes for skins can be found in the section below. The goal of including an expired codes list is to keep users from wasting time by preventing them from using expired codes. Let’s take a look at what we failed to see.

PARISMATIC Use this Valorant Code for Pride Player Card.
COTTONCANDY Use this free Valorant points codes for Pride Player Card.
PRIMARY Use this Valorant gift codes  for Pride Player Card.
GALACITIC Use this Redeem Code for Pride Player Card.
SUNSET Use this Redeem Code for Pride Player Card.
TWILIGHT Use this Redeem Code for Pride Player Card.
SHERBET Sherbet Pride Player Card
JUBILANT01 Proud Player Title
JUBILANT02 All Player Title


How to Redeem Free Valorant Codes?

If you’ve never redeemed a Valorant code before, follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to the Valorant free redeem codes official website. Then, using your Valorant/Riot Games account, log in.
  • Once you’ve logged in, go to the code redemption page and paste one of the working codes from the list above.
  • Start Valorant, and your new reward will appear in your inventory.


Hopefully these all redeem codes are useful for you. Check back often for fresh codes that you can redeem for limited-time unique goodies like Player Cards, Weapon Skins, and more, especially during big competitions, tournaments, and other events. Stay up to date by following the official Valorant Twitter and other social media pages.

Users, I will provide you with all of the information you should obtain from our website. If you have any difficulties activating this proposal, please let us know in the comments section below and we will gladly assist you. You can download more APK games and Apps as well as Codes of games by just Click Here.

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