Zombie Catchers Cheats,Hack 2022

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Zombie Catchers is a unique blend of platformer and business management game! You take control of two aliens that have set their shop on Earth, selling juice manufactured from... zombies! Who’d have guessed the undead could be so tasty? With our Zombie Catchers cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide, you’ll be able to become the ultimate zombie catcher!

zombie hunter

Follow the Mission.

Zombie Catchers cheats missions will, as is customary, lead you through the game’s overall progression path. Look at your missions if you’re ever unsure what to work on next. They’ll show you the next best course of action you should take! You can even tap on the mission to take you directly to what you need to do.

Take out the little Critters.

During the hunting phases, you may encounter small creepy crawlies such as snakes and bats. Make sure to use your harpoon gun to take out these zombies, as touching them may temporarily stun you, allowing zombies to flee! They’re also worth 10 coins, which isn’t much, but it’s something.

Zombie Catchers cheats 2022

Watch out for the green zombie’s Projectiles.

The green zombies, unlike the yellow and blue zombies, are deadly! They’ll chuck whatever they’re holding in their hand at you as soon as they see you. You’re stunned if you’re hit! Always be on the lookout for them, and keep an eye on their alert meter. When the exclamation mark reaches its maximum size, it’s time to flee!

Use Charged shots for bonuses and armor.

When the zombies emerge from the swamp, some of them will be wearing armor. To catch these zombies, you’ll have to suffer extra hits, making them a nuisance to deal with! Fortunately, you can upgrade your normal harpoon cannon to shoot a more powerful projectile by charging it. It’s almost mandatory to use them against armored zombies because they deliver more damage and expand the range of the shot. The blips underneath a zombie’s head show how powerful their armor is. It’s worth noting, though, that if you jump while charging, you’ll lose the charge. If you capture numerous zombies in a single shot, you’ll receive a multiplier bonus, allowing you to earn extra cash!

Try different weapons in Zombie Catchers Cheats.

Along with your harpoon gun, you can bring sub weapons with you. If lined up correctly, the net pistol fires a wide net that can easily capture numerous zombies in one shot. The tranquilizer is a set-it-and-forget-it situation in which a tranqed zombie is finally apprehended. However, it’s useless against armored zombies! Try them all out and see which one you prefer.

Use your jetpack for ground.

At first glance, the jetpack appears to be unneeded, but I discovered that when you boost, you travel slightly faster in the air. If you’re chasing zombies, you can use the jetpack to catch up to them faster than running.

Zombie Catchers Cheats

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Zombie Catchers cheats hack 2022


Zombies Catcher is a very interesting and addicting game with amazing graphics. Save the Humans from the Zombies that are trying to catch them. You must place the Humans in their safe zones before the Zombies catch them.


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